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Redefining the Human Connection in eCommerce

Bold-Outline-2  Wednesday, December 7th, 2022 

Bold-Outline-1-1  11:00 AM EST 


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Visionet’s Key Market Differentiators

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With the rise in online shopping, brands are finding more ways to create a human connection with consumers. And while it may seem contradictory to humanize an inherently digital experience, many retailers are succeeding at this. The answer to humanizing digital spaces lies in experiential commerce and personalization as part of a cohesive omnichannel framework. This puts the focus back on the customer and creates lasting impressions and brand loyalty.

Join our webinar to learn how to redefine human connection in eCommerce through: 

Group 25721   The power of visual AI

Group 25721   A cohesive omnichannel strategy 

Group 25721   Tailored online search and discovery experiences

Group 25721   Hyper-personalized product recommendations.



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Astrid Soderlund

Director Digital Commerce (Moderator)

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