The Future of
Commerce Beyond
Dot Com

Infusing commerce in ways more
familiar and personal to consumers



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Visionet’s Key Market Differentiators

Group 22aq

More than 4 billion people across the globe use social media for long durations on an everyday basis. Content creators & influencers are reshaping eCommerce by unlocking the tremendous potential of live streaming across social media spaces. The future lies in investing in a comprehensive social commerce strategy that offers personalized experiences across the retail value chain. 

This whitepaper will explore the scope and depths of Social Commerce and Conversational Commerce and what these activities may look like beyond Dot Com. 

You will learn about:

Group 25721  What is Social Commerce 
Group 25721  What is the roadmap for ideal start 
Group 25721  What Conversational Commerce is 
Group 25721  How it benefits your business 
Group 25721  How it enriches your buyer journey 

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