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Ellipse 1612  Live Webinar   

Enabling Digital Empowerment: Mastering Power Platform with a Center of Excellence

Wednesday, 29 November 
10:00 AM EST, 3:00 PM GMT, 4:00 PM CET   

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Group 77655

Ellipse 1612  On-demand Webinar 

Accelerating Power Platform adoption with Center of Excellence

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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic imperative. As industries evolve and technology advances, the need for proactive governance, nurturing organizational growth, hyper-automation, and digital empowerment has never been more pressing. Visionet’s CoE isn’t just a framework; it’s the cornerstone upon which businesses build resilience, innovation, and unparalleled success. Watch  the on-demand webinar to unravel the essence of CoE, exploring real-world success stories and insights that illuminate the path toward a seamless, empowered, and automated future. Explore an eye-opening journey where the significance of CoE isn’t just understood; it’s experienced, embraced, and leveraged for transformative change.  

Key Highlights

Group 25721-Nov-08-2023-11-01-39-1661-AM Discover the crucial role of a Center of Excellence in Power Platform adoption 
Group 25721-Nov-08-2023-11-01-39-1661-AM Understand the importance of proactive governance in eliminating company-wide silos
Group 25721-Nov-08-2023-11-01-39-1661-AM Learn how Visionet’s CoE expedites Power Platform adoption and drives innovation 
Group 25721-Nov-08-2023-11-01-39-1661-AM Explore real-world success stories showcasing the power of Visionet’s CoE 
Group 25721-Nov-08-2023-11-01-39-1661-AM Gain insights into enhancing customer and stakeholder experiences for lasting relationships 
Group 25721-Nov-08-2023-11-01-39-1661-AM Embrace the future with hyper-automation: Streamline processes and boost productivity 

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Our Speakers

Ghazanfar Riaz Sheikh

Vice President, Digital, Visionet

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Salman Pervaiz

Director, Business Applications, Visionet

Group 77661

MicrosoftTeams-image (83)
Brian Rebarchek

Technical Specialist, Microsoft

Group 77661

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* These are avg. stats based on our Corporate and Enterprise level CoE implementations.

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