Mortgage Services in Secondary & Capital Markets


The Credit Portfolio management business is dependent on data that can be analyzed, audited, and monetized. Visionet, with over 25 years of mortgage expertise, has built a reliable and robust ecosystem where people, processes, and technology converge to deliver workable solutions for the Secondary and Capital Markets.

At Visionet, we have experienced underwriters with deep domain knowledge who conduct due diligence and asset reviews for multiple asset types. We deliver innovative solutions based on due diligence that enable our clients to assess asset risk and quality. These further help our clients make informed loan, portfolio, and transaction decisions.

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Digitizing the mortgage lending process

   Qualified Mortgage (QM) Loans
   Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM) Loans
   Jumbo Confirming Loans
   Jumbo Non-Confirming Loans
   Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS)
   Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS)
   Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR)
   Reverse Mortgage
   Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)
   Commercial Loans

   Combined/Hybrid Adjustable-Rate mortgage (ARMs)
   B/C Loans
   Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan
   Fixed Rate Mortgage
   HARP 2.0
   Location Efficient Mortgage (LEM)
   Rural Housing Service (RHS) Loan Programs
   State and Local Housing Programs
   VA Loan
   FHA 203k Loan

Our Solutions


Underwriting & Rating Services


Visionet’s team of 400+ due diligence experts deliver underwriting services for QM and non-QM loans with precision. Our affiliation with DBRS Morningstar, one of the leaders in credit ratings, helps us assign and monitor ratings with objectivity and transparency.

   Credit Review
   Pre-fund Audits
   Post Close Audits
   Income Calculation and Verification
   Title Diligence
   Data Reconciliation
   Reunderwrite Loans
   Missing Documents
   Secondary Market Post Close Review

Risk Management & Compliance

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Comprehensive Risk Management is an integral service provided by Visionet. It can help eradicate liabilities and losses that arise due to errors, fraud, or emissions. This greatly benefits mortgage lenders, investors, RMBS issuers along with other participants in the mortgage market.

   Underwriting Defects
   Compliance Violation
   Appraisal Errors
   Fraud & Misrepresentation
   QM/ATR Testing
   Portfolio Acquisition Review
   NPL/RPL Review

Valuation Services

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A full range of valuation and appraisal services are offered by Visionet. For appraisal companies, these services are designed to boost efficiency. The Visionet team reviews appraisal reports to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. It also helps in further reducing the overall cycle time on the reports.

   Appraiser and Agent Onboarding
   Appraisal QC
   Price Reconciliation
   MLS Product Review
   Assess Collateral Values
   Broker Price Opinion
   Review Appraisal Report
   AVM (Automated Valuation Models)

MSR Acquisitions And Servicing

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Visionet offers end to end MSR valuation and acquisition services providing more detailed visibility into the value and performance of assets and market economics.

   MSR Audits and Valuations
   Loan Onboarding and Integration
   Data Indexing and Extraction
   End to end Mortgage Servicing
   Clearing and Settlement Services

Document & Data Management Services

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DocVu.AI , our proprietary Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology, uses Computer Vision, AI/ML, NLP and related technologies to classify, index and extract data from loan packages. DocVu.AI has a pre-configured mortgage library for over 2000 fields across 2000+ mortgage documents. DocVu.AI with its pre-trained AI/ML models provides guaranteed data extraction accuracy of over 99.5%. Each month, DocVu.AI processes 100K loan applications with over 35M pages with an average turnaround time of 4 hours for each loan application.

   Trailing Document Support
   Document Classification
   Data Extraction/Aggregation/Validation
   Pre-closure Reviews
   Market Data Services