Live Commerce - The future of retail

Nurture real-time interactive shopping

experiences to boost your eCommerce 

According to Statista, Live stream eCommerce market in the US is worth $11 billion and when the Millennials alone are contributing a whopping $600 billion to online shopping, it is the perfect time to invest in Live Commerce.

Live Commerce empowers retailers to deliver unparalleled eCommerce experiences to the customers. It brings in the human element and allows sellers to connect deeply with its customers via live video streaming. Here are a few advantages of going live:

                           - On-the-spot purchases  
                           - Brand-driven experience  
                           - Competitive edge  
                           - Exposure to a bigger audience  

Visionet can help transform your online business via seamless and fast integration of Live Commerce into your existing platform. The cloud-powered SaaS platform is plug-and-play enabled and you’d be able to start reaping the benefits of Live Commerce in just 3 – 4 weeks. Want to find out how can we help you achieve that? Download our brochure to learn more.

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