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Transforming Insurance with AI

Enabling swift decisions, efficient operations and superior experiences.
2:10 PM – 2:55 PM (GMT)
20-21 March 2024, InterContinental London – The O2

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Transforming Insurance with AI

Enabling swift decisions, efficient operations and superior experiences.

Visionet’s Key Market Differentiators

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How AI is the Answer to Emerging Underwriting Risks 

The underwriting process has significantly evolved from a largely manual and intuition-based practice to a sophisticated, data-driven approach. Technological advancements, especially in areas like big data analytics and AI, have enabled underwriters to analyse vast and complex data sets, leading to more accurate risk assessments and pricing.  

Talk to our experts to uncover the answers that AI can bring in addressing the common underwriting risks.  Discuss how AI technologies, such as machine learning and predictive analytics, are instrumental in understanding the pivotal role of AI in addressing and managing emerging risks in the field of underwriting.

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Embracing the Change – Gen AI for Underwriting and Personalisation

Explore Gen AI’s role in revolutionising insurance underwriting and advanced tech transforming risk assessment.

Visionet AI Use Cases for Insurance

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Claims Processing
Group 77871 Automated Claims Reporting 
Group 77871 Intelligent Document Extraction  
Group 77871 Risk, Fraud, and Contradiction Analysis  
Group 77871 Investigation Assistant  
Group 77871 Negotiation Facilitator 
Group 77940
Product Marketing
Group 77871 Predictive Lead Scoring 
Group 77871 Email Marketing Optimisation   
Group 77871 Customer Chatbots  
Group 77871 Cross-Sell Opportunity Identification 
Group 77871 Marketing Mix Modelling 
Group 77871 Intelligent Advertisement Design 
Group 77941
Advanced Underwriting
Group 77871 Automated Risk Submission    
Group 77871 Behavioural Analytics  
Group 77871 Price Optimisation 
Group 77871 Risk Identification & Assessment  
Group 77871 Case Evaluation Assistant 

Strategizing for High ROI Gen AI Use Cases in Insurance Process Flows while Complying with Responsible AI Practices

A Discovery Workshop by Visionet

Visionet - Shaping the future of Insurance with transformational digital technologies

Visionet stands at the forefront of the Insurtech revolution, redefining the insurance landscape with our trailblazing digital technologies. We harness AI/ML, big data analytics, and intelligent automation to transform every facet of insurance, from product innovation to efficient renewals. Our “data-led Innovation” strategy revolutionises the insurance value chain, ensuring seamless integration and peak efficiency. 

Leading the charge in leveraging Gen AI, we maximise automation in underwriting and claims processing, and empower decision-making in sales and marketing with insightful data-led calls to action. 

Our robust digital infrastructure personalises customer experiences by integrating key data on wealth, health, and life events, ensuring services are ahead of the curve. 

Backed by over 8,000 skilled engineers and digital consultants across 14 global locations, Visionet is synonymous with insurance excellence. Join us to embrace a digital edge that leads to unparalleled success in the dynamic world of insurance technology. With Visionet, experience the future of insurance, today. 

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