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Create Lasting Impressions: Achieve Customer Experience Excellence

Customer Contact Week (CCW)    

June 19th - 22nd, 202       
Caesars Forum, Las Vegas    

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Group 76196

Create Lasting Impressions: Achieve CX with Impact

Customer Contact Week (CCW)    

June 19th - 22, 2023       
Caesars Forum, Las Vegas    

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Visionet’s Key Market Differentiators

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Did you know that 96% of unhappy customers won’t complain, but 91% of them will just leave a brand? Moreover, 80% of companies believe they deliver superior CX, while only 8% of customers believe they are receiving a great customer experience? 

Visionet, an award-winning managed services company and 2022 Microsoft Partner of the year, solves fragmented customer experiences and siloed, disconnected business intelligence.  

Businesses understand the need to provide excellent and effective CX, seamless processes, and innovative technologies. When you partner with Visionet, we act as the frontline of CX excellence, using the latest technologies and channels to reach your customers, optimizing your processes, and analyzing company data, being adaptive to your customers’ changing needs and behaviors.   

Visionet delivers CX with IMPACT - Innovative, Memorable, Personalized, Adaptive, Consistent and Timely.


Embrace CX with IMPACT at CCW 2023 

Embark on an insightful journey with Visionet at Customer Contact Week (CCW) 2023, the world's #1 event for customer contact and CX leaders. Get a chance to network with industry experts, explore a world of possibilities with our Impactful Contact Center Services, and navigate every opportunity for transformative CX success.

Don't miss this extraordinary experience – register now to discover the limitless potential with Visionet at the forefront of customer contact innovation. You will get to learn about: 

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Group 25721-May-29-2023-01-21-43-5750-PM Generative AI & Emerging technologies   
Group 25721-May-29-2023-01-21-43-5750-PM Self-service & omnichannel experiences 
Group 25721-May-29-2023-01-21-43-5750-PM CX Best practices 


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Experience The Visionet Advantage

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High Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

92%+ customer satisfaction scores and positive NPS ratings build lasting customer relationships

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Inclusive, Diverse, and Engaged Workforce  

Low attrition rates (4.6%) with engaging training and inclusive culture drive workforce success

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Significant Operational Efficiencies  

Save up to 75% through innovative strategies

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Technological Capabilities  

AI-powered chatbots for enhanced efficiency and accuracy 

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Scalability and Flexibility  

Seamlessly scale operations, expand geographically, and adapt to evolving client needs 

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Continuous Improvement  

Drive excellence through certifications and process optimization 


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Global Clients 


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Meet our Expert

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Vice President of Business Development 

With over 25 years of industry experience in global strategic business development, growth, sales, and marketing, Mark Middendorp has been a driving force behind CX innovation. His expertise encompasses various sectors, including BPO services, SaaS, technology, financial services, and telecom. Mark led the first mobile infotainment services portal company globally and was part of the first internet by cable company roll out worldwide; created over 3K CX jobs for Americans with disabilities and provided global exponential growth for various SaaS and knowledge management BPOs. 

Mark will be attending CCW to share his valuable insights on CX, so don't miss the opportunity to learn from his wealth of knowledge and experience. 

What Forrester has to say?

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace that combines multiple solutions within Microsoft 365 and other third-party applications to provide a secure and efficient working environment. According to our Total Economic Impact study, increasing the adoption and usage of Teams can help organizations improve access to information, enhance communication and collaboration, reduce operating costs, accelerate time-to-market, and foster greater innovation. Explore this report to get a comprehensive analysis of the costs involved in deploying and using Teams. 

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Some of our Clients

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Our Solutions

Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

Visionet provides smooth and hassle-free commerce experiences that are essential for both B2C and B2B domains. Companies must streamline the conversion process and make online purchasing easy and self-service to boost sales and customer satisfaction and Visionet does this by solving complex customer challenges with ease. 

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Create exceptional brand experiences across multiple channels and track the effectiveness of your communications through Visionet and Salesforce. Our solution enables you to analyze customer interactions in real-time, deliver immediate, personalized, and targeted campaigns, and make the most out of every interaction with your customers. Leverage the power of our advanced analytics to gain a clear picture of your marketing efforts leading to improved campaign optimization.  

SalesForce Sales Cloud:

Gain intelligent sales and customer insights to track your sales funnel, pipeline, and forecast accurately. Visionet’s solution allows you to track leads better, nurture prospects effectively, and close more deals faster. Collaborate seamlessly across teams and access critical information from anywhere, at any time. With Visionet and Salesforce, you can work smarter and more efficiently to drive sales growth and build stronger customer relationships. 

Salesforce Service Cloud

Visionet helps you reduce your costs and accelerate efficiency across your business with Salesforce Service Cloud. Let Visionet connect services across channels in real time with the power of Salesforce Data Cloud. Utilize state of the art features such as case management, AI-powered workflows, Self-Service options, and chatbots to maximize ROI from the contact center to the field through a single-stop solution. 

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