Unleash the Power of Azure Cloud with Visionet’s Proven Migration Methodology

Expertise to manage, migrate and optimize Azure Cloud environments. 


Unleash the Power of Azure Cloud with Visionet’s Proven Migration Methodology

Expertise to manage, migrate, and optimize Azure Cloud environments. 

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Visionet’s Key Market Differentiators

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Make Visionet your Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) partner

Microsoft’s Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) is designed to help organizations transition to the cloud, offering comprehensive support in all aspects of cloud adoption. To ensure top-quality service, Microsoft selects trusted partners to deliver AMMP to customers. Visionet is a certified AMMP partner. 

With superior expertise and a track record of delivering successful enterprise cloud transformations, Visionet is well-equipped to support your organization’s cloud adoption journey. Whether you are considering moving from on-prem workloads to cloud, or looking to optimize your current cloud workloads, Visionet will assess your current situation, and advise you on the best route to achieving your migration or modernization path. You will be working alongside the best cloud adoption teams and with a trusted global Azure services provider.
Visionet will look to leverage available partner led Microsoft programs that help offset some of the costs of cloud migration. Whether you are faced with requiring broad technical expertise that's required to complete large adoption efforts, such as a full datacenter migration, or have a tighter technical focus like moving on-prem SQL workloads to the cloud, Visionet has the cloud muscle and the resource capacity to handle projects of all sizes.

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Visionet’s Approach

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Cloud infrastructure paradigm with a well-designed architecture for cloud structure, including security, access, networking, and migration procedures.


Implementing and testing the developed and approved solution – Lift and shift, replatforming, refactoring or taking the hybrid approach. 

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Operations & Support

After deployment, the system is actively managed, monitored, and supported round the clock to ensure a high service standards are met. 

Continuously Improve

Services and solutions are continuously monitored, updated, and improvised or a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. 


Evaluate your system’s current state and readiness for the cloud. Estimating the cost of migration. Recommendations are provided for best practices to minimize risk and maximize cloud adoption benefits.   

Our Cloud Migration Services

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Our Success Stories

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Vince propels its operational capacity by migrating from RDS to Azure Virtual

A world-renowned luxury apparel and accessories brand achieved high performance, foolproof security, and scalability through Azure Cloud Migration Services. Visionet helped the leading fashion brand, smoothly transition from RDS to Azure Virtual Desktop to attain enhanced system performance and cost optimization. 

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Arming Timios will all round business resilience

Timios was concerned to safeguard against the risk of increasing cyberattacks. They wanted to build an infrastructure that was completely secure and enabled unparalleled scalability. Visionet performed Rehosting and Re-platforming for on-premises servers and SQL databases to Azure, to help protect the entire infrastructure bringing in a generational shift.  

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Embracing the Cloud for Efficiency & Agility

Embrace the cloud with confidence by learning about Microsoft's Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) in this insightful white paper. Learn the strategies for overcoming common cloud migration challenges, maximizing the benefits of cloud adoption, and ensuring a seamless and secure transition. 

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