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Statistics suggest that the global cloud services market is expected to reach over $623 billion by 2023, and by 2025, the cloud data will surpass a staggering 100 Zettabytes. Signifying that cloud computing is a big deal, and it will grow in the near future.

To successfully manage systems of such scale, you need a secure, high-performing, & efficient cloud infrastructure – all while optimizing costs.Visionet can help you achieve that, using AWS-recommended best practices and map out a cloud infrastructure that is built around the 5 pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework.
 How does the AWS Cloud Assessment Work?

  • Generally, around 2 – 4 hours. Depends on the pre-requisites completed.
  • Includes members from different teams of the organization like Technical, business, management etc., and the Visionet's Well-Architected SMEs.
  • The assessment can be done on-premises or remotely.
  • Team Visionet will thoroughly check and analyze critical workload.
  • The cloud-infrastructure review will be conducted per the 5 pillars of WAF.
  • Suggestions to increase cost savings by highlighting unutilized resources.
  • Upon assessment completion, Visionet will provide suggestions to improve the cloud infrastructure to enhance performance, efficiency, & optimize costs.
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