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Reimagine Service Excellence through AI-enabled
capabilities at Field Services Palm Springs!

May 6-8, 2024

JW Marriott Desert Springs, Palm Springs, CA

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Group 77992

Reimagine Field Service Excellence through AI-enabled

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Unleash the Power of Microsoft Field Service Solutions

In a time when service industries are changing quickly, innovation is more essential than ever. Traditional service models are being challenged by inefficiencies in scheduling, low first-time fix rates, and under utilization of valuable data. We invite you to explore how AI-enabled capabilities and Microsoft Field Service Solutions can transform your operations and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights. 

Visionet's Field Services Provide:

Group 25721-Mar-07-2024-10-39-26-5718-AM Cutting-edge Solutions: Discover how Microsoft D365 Field Service Solution can streamline your operations with advanced scheduling algorithms, real-time analytics, and comprehensive reporting features. 
Group 25721-Mar-07-2024-10-39-26-5718-AM AI-driven Insights: Learn how AI-driven insights and Co-Pilot capabilities can empower your technicians with real-time support, predictive maintenance alerts, and intelligent recommendations, boosting productivity by up to 50%. 
Group 25721-Mar-07-2024-10-39-26-5718-AM Seamless Integration: Explore the seamless integration of Microsoft Field Service Solutions with other Microsoft products, providing a unified ecosystem that enhances security and visibility across your organization.   

Why Visionet?

Visionet is your reliable partner for Microsoft Field Service Solutions. We provide professional advice, personalized solutions, and continuous support to make sure the deployment process fits your unique requirements. With Visionet, you can achieve a 20-30% cut in operational costs, enabling your team to leverage the full power of Microsoft Field Services. 

Ready to Transform Your Service Business?

Discover how Visionet can revolutionize your service operations. Get in touch now to understand how you can embark on a journey towards unparalleled service excellence. 

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A Global Perspective on Technician Role Change and Expansion: Modernizing and Upskilling to Serve Customers Better and Enhance Loyalty and Longevity

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Ahmed Raza 
SVP & Head of SaaS Products & Platforms, PartnerLinQ

Session Code:                                                     TH22

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Tuesday, May 9th 2023
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3:00PM EST 
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Europe 6

Discover a global perspective on technician role evolution with Ghazanfar Riaz, Vice President – Digital Services at Visionet. Learn strategies for modernization and upskilling to enhance customer loyalty. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights and drive positive change. 

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